Introduction to Product Management

  • Ideation of the product
  • Product Development and testing
  • Launch
  • Post-launch tracking
  • Rollback (if necessary)
  • Identifying the key pain points of the customers through interviews, surveys, reviews on public forums, customer support calls, data analytics etc.
  • Market Research to identify key trends prevalent in the industry
  • Competitor Analysis to identify what the industry peers are doing to solve customer problems
  • Ideating features corresponding to each identified pain point
  • Prioritizing the features so that it is aligned with the product vision and the overall organisational strategy
  • Communicating the prioritised features to the senior leadership, the product and business leaders to secure their buy-in to get these executed
  • Documentating the Product Requirement Document (PRD) so that all the requirements are well-defined and there is an organisation-wide clarity on why is the feature being built
  • Actively participating in the monthly Sprint planning and securing alignment from the dev and QA leads
  • Grooming the various stakeholders (developer, qa engineer, UX designer, category manager, marketing and content team) by giving a detailed overview of the PRD and setting the expectations before the development begins
  • Monitoring the progress of the product development and unblocking the concerned team if any issue arises
  • Performing UAT, giving feedback to the developers and designers to get some components altered to ensure the best possible customer experience.
  • Maintain a bug tracking sheet so that the issues can be fixed in one of the future releases.
  • Identifying the key metrics to be tracked and designing dashboards to monitor the performance of the feature, post-launch
  • Preparing a press release, if needed, for the internal as well as external stakeholders
  • Being vigilant of any post-release issues or vulnerabilities. Analyse business reports and monitor the product/feature performance and look for ways to continuously improve the customer experience




Product Manager | Tech Enthusiast | SPJIMR' 21

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Harigovind G

Harigovind G

Product Manager | Tech Enthusiast | SPJIMR' 21

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