PM Learnings from 2021

Who is a Product Manager?

A Day in my life as a Product Manager

Skills needed to be a Product Manager

  • Technical Skills: Basic understanding of system design and architecture, working of APIs, SQL, hands-on experience of Analytics & data visualization tools are a few of them. These skills are not a must-have prior to joining, but since I was comfortable with them, I found it easier to grasp the complexities in our system.
  • Soft-Skills: These are the skills that develop with time and include stakeholder management, the art of negotiation and following-up, the ability to influence without authority, and the expertise to put across one’s point through concise writing. (The list is non-exhaustive)

The Learnings

  • To block 30–45 minutes each day in my calendar to take a break.
  • To summarise the discussions after each meeting and send them to all the attendants over mail — this ensures that no point is missed out and everyone is on the same page. [Learnt this the hard way :D]
  • To master the art of concise writing. To work on this, I have started to write daily about topics varying from technology, business, and finance.
  • To develop the lens of a UX designer. Though this is not a part of my KRA, I enrolled myself in a course on UX design to understand its nuances and principles; which enhanced my perspective while looking at our customer's pain points.
  • To create a daily task sheet — to keep a track of the plethora of tasks that I need to do every day. (Attaching a part of it below). This helps me to follow up with the relevant stakeholders wherever there is a bottleneck and empowers me to be more productive.




Product Manager | Tech Enthusiast | SPJIMR' 21

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Harigovind G

Harigovind G

Product Manager | Tech Enthusiast | SPJIMR' 21

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